Off the Page publishes short personal, cultural, and journalistic articles for those on the margins of faith. We have grown up in evangelicalism and while we may be jaded, we are interested in Jesus and faith. We have seen the Bible as one-dimensional, systematized, and theologized, but are interested in how it matters and is lived in modern life.

We have been given sorry or trite answers to good and serious questions. This has led to a refusal to take traditional and institutional explanations at face value. Off the Page does not seek to make doubt into a virtue or a vice. Many of us have misgivings about Christian truth claims and seek to be a welcoming place for questioning and wonderings.



We believe that no one has all the right answers. I’m pretty confident that if I were to meet myself from 10 years ago, we would disagree about quite a lot. So while we may feel we have a grasp on things today, ten years from now we may think totally different. That’s why we want to dialogue. We want to wrestle with answers to big questions, not pontificate and push answers down people’s throats. We are creating opportunities and contexts to encourage the process of understanding what faith in Jesus is, why it is crucial to our lives, and to experience it as a community.


I have found, as a parent, that the way my son learns is through asking questions. The question that is never far from his lips is “why?”, and I love it. We want to foster a community on Off the Page that loves questions, that doesn’t dismiss doubt. God is not offended or scared of our questions, and we don’t want to be scared or offended by your (or our) questions and doubts either. Along the way I think we’ll discover that people ask questions differently, and we all have different views. So not every view we publish reflects the views of the editorial staff, or of the other writers. But this community wrestles with hard questions together, with authenticity and care for others. 


At some point in each person’s life, we all ask “why am I here?”. We look for purpose in life. Off the Page doesn’t exist to explore the Bible and faith just to have knowledge. If it doesn’t fit the purpose of deepening our love for God, giving our lives meaning, or encouraging us to be a blessing to others, then it is worthless. Off the Page wants to help us understand this. Whether you’re in college, on your own for the first time, a new husband or wife, or a new parent, we desire to dialogue with you on living out the mission that God has for us.


– Chris Fann, Managing Editor of Off the Page