Backstreet Boys and Gender Roles | Misguided Quests #3

October 23, 2017 - by

“Maybe it was all true, after all. I realized suddenly I hadn’t been sure.”   If I could sum up the first few chapters of this section, I would call it “surprised by the Spirit.” Does anyone else find it…

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Why are People of Faith so Close-Minded? | Dear Addie #18

Dear Addie,   Several years ago, our family moved from one region of the United States to another. We were excited to see what life would be like in the new region. As we made friends and joined a church…

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Welcomed into God’s Family – Kirsten’s Story

  What relationship does family have with discovering your identity? Kirsten tells her story of experiencing how being welcomed into God’s story gave her a strong identity.   Have you adopted or been adopted? What parallels have you noticed with…

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