You Come to Us | Afternoon Prayers

December 16, 2017 - by

Lord God, we adore you because you have come to us in the past. You have spoken to us in the Law of Israel. You have challenged us in the words of the prophets. You have shown us in Jesus…

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When You No Longer Feel God | Dear Addie #19

Dear Addie,   I am an ordained pastor, 62 years old.  I grew up in a loving, though nominally Christian, family.  I had little interest in matters of faith until my last year of high school when I joined the youth group…

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Love Poured Out

  If love is an ocean, Then this world has run dry. Valleys of worthless salt lie, on this blanket of sand, That once was a vibrant place, This silent place leaves a violent taste in my mouth, Like spears…

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