The Unseen Life of Refugees in Greece

August 16, 2017 - by

Sitting on the floor of my Afghan friend’s small apartment, our mouths watered as the smells of turmeric and basmati rice covered in hot oil and salt floated from Masuma’s kitchen. Stuck in a never-ending game of UNO with her…

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How Do I Serve the “Least of These”? | Dear Addie #16

Dear Addie, Sometimes I feel so stuck on how to serve. I grew up in the church, but there wasn’t a strong emphasis on serving the “least of these” in our community so I never really had the experience of…

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You might think you are the only person who struggles with anxiety and depression. Please don’t believe that lie. A study in 2014 found that the second most common prescription in the United States was for antidepressants.   You are not…

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