Interacting with Kids as a Single Person

A few years ago, I was privileged to meet an amazing woman named Virginia. She was in her nineties, but still lived alone and drove her own car. She had remained single over the course of her life; she had…

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Different Cultures, Same Desire

The repurposed wood was the first thing that stuck out to me as I walked into the church. A greeter said “hello” as she handed me a bulletin, but didn’t ask my name or give hers. I sat in a…

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Single All the Way

Here is what I know about the holiday season: these days put a magnifying glass on every emotion, making them that much more intense. When I’m sad during the holidays, I am very sad. When I’m happy, I am very…

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Parenting Myself

A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to move into a new place, busy with work, and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to find people to help me, and that I probably needed to pack. I’m fairly certain excellent moving…

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Singing Love Songs (to Myself)

This week, I was catching up with my roommate after a long day while her music was on shuffle. A Band of Horses song came on, and suddenly I was back in my ex-boyfriend’s driveway, watching him work on the…

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How Do I Deal with Being Single in the Family-Centric Church? | Dear Addie #9

Dear Addie,   I recently turned 35. Since I’m single (and have been for almost a decade), I realized I was running out of time to have a family if I wanted one. So I started visiting some Christian singles’…

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Choosing and Being Chosen: The Bachelor, God, and Me

Last December, I was at a friend’s holiday party, when talk turned to the new season of The Bachelor, starting in January. Normally, I tune out in these moments, like I do when someone begins quoting statistics in a sport…

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How to Be Single?

On the day before Valentine’s Day, some girlfriends and I made plans to have brunch and go to a movie. We were following in Leslie Knope’s Parks and Recreation footsteps with a “Galentine’s Day” designed to celebrate female friendship. We…

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Love in the Time of Tinder

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of meeting someone online was novel and more than a little sketchy. I’ll never forget the first time I saw You’ve Got Mail, which made the process seem cute, literary, and possible….

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Don’t Kiss Dating Goodbye

In Part 1 of this series, I posed the question, “How do I live out my singleness and my individuality within cultural systems (Christian and otherwise), which burden that very singleness with the task of finding a mate?”   This…

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