What I Learned About Love When People Thought I Was a Lesbian

When I was young, my father took a job renovating a kitchen for a gay couple. Back in the ‘90s, fiery evangelists frightened me into phobia with their prophecies that by the year 2000, gay people would infect half of…

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Your Gay Neighbor is Closer Than You Think

The year is 2002, and I’m in middle school. The girls seem freakishly tall and wear a lot of eyeshadow. The boys are mostly obsessed with video games.   In youth group, they split us up sometimes. The eyeshadow-wearing girls…

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How to deal with abuse of my children by other family members?

[Note from the Editor: This is an unusual piece for Off the Page. However, when the question was submitted to us, we knew we needed to respond. The best things to do for the victim is listening to their story…

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Was Paul a Chauvinist Homophobe?

Was St. Paul a racist, chauvinistic jerk? This question is seriously considered in Paul Behaving Badly, a new book that set my expectations high with such an eye-grabbing title. Though I found some of the authors’ arguments lacking, I appreciate…

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Jane the Married Virgin and the Effects of Purity Culture

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin since season one, enjoying the improbable telenovela story of a virgin who is artificially inseminated, having a baby long before she gets married or has sex. As a Catholic, saving sex for marriage is…

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For God So Loved…Everyone Else

I wish I could use the past tense to describe my struggle to perceive God’s love for me.   A few years ago, a spiritual director visited one of my seminary classes to give a talk on spiritual direction, a…

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How Should Nonaffirming Christians view Affirming Christians?

  This is by far one of the hardest questions I’ve had to think through as I wrestled with this topic. It’s one thing to weep with those who experience same-sex attraction but think it’s wrong to act on it….

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Stainless | Beacon Light

  Last week I sat down with Grand Rapids rapper Beacon Light to talk about partnering together here on Off the Page. We had a great conversation over coffee about sexuality, parenting, sin and brokenness, and the beauty of grace….

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Airplane Lines Offer Hope

Over the next few weeks author Laurie Krieg shares her story about same-sex attraction. She felt alone, judgment (both internal and external) that she was (is) the worst, wrestled with her identity, and felt hopeless. In this series, Laurie tackles each…

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