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How Do I Serve the “Least of These”? | Dear Addie #16

Dear Addie, Sometimes I feel so stuck on how to serve. I grew up in the church, but there wasn’t a strong emphasis on serving the “least of these” in our community so I never really had the experience of…

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As If

I grew up in an evangelical, white, middle-class home. We loved Jesus, went to church each Sunday, and studied the Bible. We were Baptist, so we didn’t follow much of a liturgical calendar—in fact, any liturgy was treated with suspicion….

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Faith in Jesus Taught Me to Stand with the Vulnerable

I was standing close to the road, watching traffic as it whizzed by. I was young and surrounded by a crowd, people from my church whom I respected and admired and others I didn’t know. My youthful fingers gripped the…

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Sins of Omission

There are a few situations in my life for which feelings of near overwhelming disappointment with myself make me wince. Recollections of these failings appear on the projector screen of my memories from time to time, and I am smitten…

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We are God’s Reputation

Off the Page publishes short personal, cultural, and journalistic articles for those on the margins of faith—many of whom have grown up in evangelicalism but have been disappointed by the church. Despite their disillusionment, our readers are still deeply interested…

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I Am the Other

My mom and dad were born in Nicaragua. They both come from large families. Ambitious and intelligent, they went to school to study architecture, where they fell in love. They got married and decided to start a family. During this…

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Interview with Brandon Hatmaker, Author of A Mile Wide

This month, we’ve made a point of curating essays and conversations around the idea of “the other.” With this in mind, I interviewed Brandon Hatmaker, whose ministry, along with his wife, Jen, has long focused on the homeless, the marginalized,…

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Preserving Power or Loving Muslim Neighbors?

I was at a missions conference a few years ago, sitting in the front row of a large megachurch. Surrounded by people who were mission nerds made me happy. I would have thrived in the 1950s and 60s, when churches…

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In the Call for Justice, We Can Be Watch Dogs 2

Playing the open-world hacker game Watch Dogs 2 is an odd experience.   Not that I haven’t enjoyed it. On the contrary, I love, love, love playing this game. It’s my kind of game: an open-world title set in a…

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#Blessed: Jesuses and the Rich Young Ruler

In the winter months I find myself on the couch, dreaming of our next renovation project. While I scroll through social media sites and pin new window treatments, I feel my heart sink against the discord in our nation, the…

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