Learning to Love One Another

In Hebrew, there’s this word ahava, and it’s a godsend as we learn about love. In English, we have just the one word – love – to denote a wide range of positive emotion, but in Hebrew, there’s a handful,…

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Navigating Your Faith Journey when your Spouse is in a Different Place | Dear Addie #14

Dear Addie,   My husband and I are in increasingly different places with our individual faith journeys. We were married 23 years ago. I was a faithful church leader and worker. Our church, however, sort of went off the rails….

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Looking Back to the Honeymoon

I am just a girl—twenty-two, in a too-short black dress littered with roses. My husband’s arm is around my back and he is grinning. I smile shyly, too aware this is my honeymoon. A coy deference seems important here. These…

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Broken Boundaries and Nervous Laughter

“Look at us!” Lisa pointed out when we arrived at the hotel. “We wanted to go on a trip, so we picked a date and a place and went! Just look at us! We’re adults!” We keep reminding each other…

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A Long, Practical Love

We were all there. Cousins, uncles, aunts, and siblings. This was my grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary and we were celebrating decades of marriage and commitment.   “What are you most thankful for over fifty years of marriage?” my mother asked…

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Marriage is like a Barn

Roaming the country roads in my car, I carelessly burn fossil fuels just so I can blow off some steam. Hours earlier, a fight with my husband over forgetting my birthday forced me to flee to these quiet cornfields to…

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On Marriage with Kids (5 Years In)

At 10:00 on a Monday night, I ventured for one last check on the kids to make sure they were asleep. When I arrived at the top of the stairs to check their doors, I found both doorknobs locked tightly….

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Wolf Whistles for Help

I have not always responded well to construction workers whistling in my direction.   At my worst, I returned their whistles with some unfriendly words, and threw a gesture or three back at them. At my best, I gritted my…

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The Houses that We Build

Last year, my husband and I sat across from a burly lawyer in the middle of a sweltering July day and we did something we had never done before: we signed the dotted line of a mortgage loan application. And…

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The Directions Desire Can Take Us

What is this thing in both men and women that longs for love, respect, and attention, where does it come from and why does it get so screwed up? Sarah Wells writes about her journey and how Jackson Browne, War and…

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