The Ministry of Cleaning Up

Like many people, my husband and I have our favorite television shows. One of these has been The Good Wife. Great writing, strong characters, and a peek inside law firm culture made this show a top pick on our after-dinner…

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Rebuilding a Relationship with Emotion

In a recent episode of the NPR podcast Hidden Brain, host Shankar Vedantam dug into a phenomenon called “information aversion.” Also known as “the ostrich effect,” it refers to the tendency of people to avoid receiving information if they think…

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Welcomed into God’s Family – Kirsten’s Story

  What relationship does family have with discovering your identity? Kirsten tells her story of experiencing how being welcomed into God’s story gave her a strong identity.   Have you adopted or been adopted? What parallels have you noticed with…

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For the Limits of the Law, Better Call Saul

Three seasons in, most of the cynicism has faded from the response to AMC’s most prestigious and highly-rated television series, Better Call Saul.   As a spinoff of — and prequel to — the immensely popular Breaking Bad, Better Call…

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Not Defined by Our Broken Parts

Paul calls me on an ugly day, the sky an even, dull gray and leaking onto my window. The connection is patchy and there’s background noise on his end. But even with this, I can hear the anxiety in his…

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The Role of Therapy in the Christian Life

A mutual friend connected me to Laurel Justice, an artist and psychotherapist working in Colorado Springs. Laurel considers it a joy to journey with others to facilitate movement towards freedom and flourishing for each client. She counsels couples and individuals…

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Finding Myself in Finding Neverland

On a cool evening in Los Angeles, I entered the Pantages Theatre to see one of my favorite movies in its musical adaptation: Finding Neverland. The film stars Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet and tells the story of how J….

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A Confessional on Body Image

On a beautiful fall day during a vacation to Portland, I was casually scrolling through the notifications on my Instagram feed. Somehow I stumbled upon my follower’s newsfeed for the first time. And the first thing I notice, of course,…

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Hello, It’s Me, Your Body

The blonde woman at the front desk pointed toward the hallway. “It’s the room at the back,” she directed. “You can drop your stuff off in the other side room.”   It was 6:15 in the morning and I had…

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A Reflection on Broken Dreams

As a child, fame and celebrity fascinated me. I bought Tiger Beat and Sweet 16 magazines as early as nine years old. Once I began getting CDs of my favorite artists, I checked to see if they thanked God in…

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