Ace, The Remarkable: Why My Son With Down Syndrome is Profoundly Human

Ace throws his hands above his head while the grown-ups and therapists sing “the people on the bus go up and down.” He bangs his hands onto the floor. This is his favorite moment of the week when the circle…

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Interview with Tanya Marlow About Living with Disability

I’ve been a reader of Tanya Marlow’s work for years and have always appreciated her great compassion and grace in the middle of difficult circumstances. Through the magic of the internet, I’ve gotten a chance to know her across an…

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Everyone Needs Compassion

“They’re not that different from us,” I whisper to my middle child, the girl on my lap whose ponytail’s tickling my nose.   But she’s not so sure, so I introduce her to Lena, who likes art and wears a…

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