Needing a Prescription to Live a “Normal” Life

Sitting at the kitchen island finishing homework, she catches me off guard with her concern. “Are you okay, Mom?” I ignore the question at first, hoping she doesn’t see me hide the white paper bag of antidepressants my husband brought…

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Talk About It

You might think you are the only person who struggles with anxiety and depression. Please don’t believe that lie. A study in 2014 found that the second most common prescription in the United States was for antidepressants.   You are not…

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How Can I Help My Boyfriend Understand Depression is Real? | Dear Addie #10

In your very well-written book, I found a lot of the description of your struggles with loneliness and depression very easy for me to relate to, as someone who still struggles with both. Also, your book inspired me to find…

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On Postpartum Depression

It was August and my mother was in town. The days had been long with the non-negligible weight of a toddler on my legs and a newborn who slept through the rhythms of the day and evaded night slumber completely….

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