The Need for Community Can Be a “Rogue One”

So there’s no getting around it. If you haven’t yet seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, bookmark this piece and stop now, because it is FULL OF SPOILERS.   But I’m guessing you’ve already seen it, not just because…

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Re-Defining Rest

On Labor Day I took my son to a ball game. Seems like ages ago, now. A different season altogether.   He was eleven then, twelve now, my firstborn, the best boy I’ll ever know. He relishes travel, smiling all…

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Exploding the Nuclear Family

When I brought up the term “nuclear family” in class the other day, very few students claimed to know what it meant. Sure, many more of them probably believe in the concept without knowing the term, but I took it…

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Harry Potter and the Complexities of Adulthood

I didn’t want to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My friends posted about it on Facebook, and it stared at me from large posters at Barnes and Noble. Amazon suggested it to me relentlessly. But I resisted.  …

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My Therapist is Not My Friend

For a long time I was afraid to go to therapy. In my church, that just wasn’t what you did. But eventually I had some emotional bumps in the road I couldn’t deal with on my own. I went kicking…

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How Do I Engage Honestly with Respect to Other’s Spiritual Journey? | Dear Addie #11

Dear Addie, My husband and I recently moved back to his hometown after a few years away and started going to a new church. Everything I believe about God has changed so much in the last few years, largely because…

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Walks with Lily

I walk a dog named Lily on the weekends. It has become a habit.   Lily lives two hours south of me, with her family, in a small coastal town predominantly inhabited with fishermen, their families, or descendants of their…

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Where Are JoJo’s Friends on The Bachelorette?

After I watched the last season of The Bachelor, my first foray into the series, I had no intention of going on to watch The Bachelorette. But I learned something when I started talking about my experiences watching the Bachelor:…

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I Hugged a Monk and I Liked It

A number of months ago, my sister and I made a snap decision to visit a monastery in the boonies. Unfortunately, we planned in haste (you might remember Tolkien’s quote, “Short cuts make long delays”, thus, upon arrival, we found…

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Don’t Call Me a Millennial

It seems like I can’t make it through a day without hearing a generalization about our generation. The word “millennial” is tossed around a lot, with many different definitions, but usually what people mean when they say it is: young people….

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