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The Gospel in Vogue Magazine | Dear Addie #5

Hello Addie,   I really enjoyed your first book When We Were on Fire and have already pre-ordered your new release. I have been a Christian for many years but I’ve had a difficult time feeling any love for God….

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When is it Time to Leave a Church? Dear Addie Column #4

Dear Addie, I grew up thinking Christianity was like a circle that I was enclosed in. My evangelical bubble was small yet so very certain. Every issue I ran across was clearly pre-marked inside the circle or outside the circle….

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Making Room for Others on the Spiral Labyrinth of Faith | Dear Addie #3

My brothers and I grew up attending an evangelical non-denominational church whose theology ranged from Baptist all the way to Charismatic depending on the pastor. Everything was described as “epic,” there were electric guitars during worship, and weekly we heard…

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When You Want to Believe…and Can’t | Dear Addie Column #2

Dear Addie, Like you, I was raised in the depths of a Midwestern Evangelical church and family. I was the perfect-score Awana memorizer in elementary, self-declared saver of the ¨lost¨ in Junior High, worship team and multiple Bible study leader…

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Lonely at Church | Dear Addie Advice Column #1

Dear Addie, As a single woman in her mid-twenties I am struggling to find my way. I struggle to find community. I have more non-Christian friends than Christian ones. I so crave community. I even told a pastor that I…

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Dear Addie: Introduction

This fall, at a weird little “resort” in the Wisconsin Dells that had two goats and a wasp-infested outdoor pool, I cracked open Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar, and I learned…

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