Author: Tanya Marlow

Jesus the Refugee | Mary’s Story

Poverty changes you. I had never known riches, but this was a new low. Stuck in Bethlehem, Joseph scrambled unsuccessfully to find work from unfriendly neighbors.   I could stand the hunger for myself, but not for my baby. I…

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Who would have thought the King of Heaven would be so earthy? | Alexander’s Story

The first thing you need to know is that there were more than three of us, and we weren’t all kings.   *****   Math always came easily to me. As a kid, I wasn’t merely top of the class,…

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I Don’t Need a Messiah. Do You? | Herod’s Story

Everyone hates the politicians. Right? You already hate me, I can see it. You think you’re better than me.   You’re poisoned by the propaganda against me. But it’s fake news!   The killing of infants in Bethlehem? Okay, that…

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What if God comes in Disguise? | Rachel’s Story

They were filthy, both of them. The donkey, too. They stank, and the woman was drenched in sweat. So, there was that, for a start.   Plus, they couldn’t have chosen a worse time to turn up – the house…

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To the One Bruised by Church

“I’m a minister’s wife who doesn’t go to church. In fact, I was forced out of church.”   This is what I say, sometimes, when new friends come round to dinner, just so I can see their reaction. Typically, they…

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