Author: Micha Boyett

The Uneasy Silence | Prayer for the Rest of Us

“We are creatures who are lost and confused, trapped in the maze of our own little view of the world, and the only way out of that maze is the lifeline God offers us…Prayer opens our eyes. Prayer illuminates our…

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Ace, The Remarkable: Why My Son With Down Syndrome is Profoundly Human

Ace throws his hands above his head while the grown-ups and therapists sing “the people on the bus go up and down.” He bangs his hands onto the floor. This is his favorite moment of the week when the circle…

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Untangling Gnarled Roots: Recognizing My White Privilege

Molly and I sat at the round laminate table that had been my great-grandmother’s in the eighties. I’d been home from my month-long trip to Kenya and South Africa for one day, and we were doing what we always did…

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