Author: Britney Winn Lee

Eye Contact and Gunshots | What to Celebrate and Lament This Week

Eye Contact   Every Thursday, I clobber down the stairs of the Methodist Church in our neighborhood where I serve as the community arts director. Once a week, for an hour, I volunteer to work the computer in the food…

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Season Marking & Cold, Cold Nights | What to Celebrate and Lament This Week

Season Marking   A month ago, I came across a shoebox taped poorly along the edges and stuck high on top of our laundry room shelves where all of the “until Christmas” things live. Opening it, I saw our wooden…

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A Litany for Loved Ones Nearing Death

I drive past Whitehall United Methodist Church as I’m going into town to see my granddad at the nursing home. Like the porcelain shell of my Pappaw’s body, emptying of light a little more every day, the church has been…

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