Author: Bailey Bergmann Steger

A Non-Explanation of the Problem of Evil

“How do you explain the problem of evil?”   I was seventeen years old, interviewing for the college of my dreams as a prospective Christian studies major. I’d figured this question out in the shower a couple of months earlier,…

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Being “Right” About a Person’s Identity

By now, you’ve probably seen the YouTube video about the students at the University of Washington who “couldn’t” tell a short white man he wasn’t a tall Asian woman. You’ve probably also seen the almost unanimous internet ruling that these…

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Risking Agnosticism

For most of my life, I begged God to take away my doubts about Christianity. The more I begged, the more I experienced silence, abandonment, and finally, nothingness. I felt the nonexistence of God.   I self-diagnosed myself with agnosticism…

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