What do you do when

Settling seems unsettling,

Seeking seems frightening,

And boundaries seem nonexistent


When the pull to explore is greater

Than the need for security

Sitting in an office chair

Wondering what my next move will be


Go, go, go my feet say

Get out of here, find what’s next

Trust the one who holds you

Will keep you secure. You don’t need to fear.


And yet.

Yet, yet, yet.

Wisdom rhymes in dulcet tones

Gentle reminders of necessity

Begging to be sought



But what is wisdom without experience

Life slipping away into nonexistence

It will be over soon,

It’s gone

What becomes of it?


Uncertainty roars like a lion

Waiting to destroy dreams like birds


Longing to be pursued

Hope sits in the corner

Expounding on peace

Asking for trust to be placed

In its unwavering hand


Here I am

In the middle of this jungle

A jumbled mess