Love Poured Out

November 24, 2017 - created by Beacon Light


If love is an ocean,

Then this world has run dry.

Valleys of worthless salt lie, on this blanket of sand,

That once was a vibrant place,

This silent place leaves a violent taste in my mouth,

Like spears of war piercing my taste buds,

With a thousand bayonets and angry shouts,

This angry bout insanely droughts my mind,

I can’t seem to find my wits, ‘Cause all I feel is split,

By the lack of what isn’t here anymore:

Life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

And yet…I don’t think in terms of red, white, and blue, Stars and Stripes,

I think of the great Star who was beaten red, black and blue,

When He took our stripes,

Because of Him we can have life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

Regardless of where we live.

But if love is an ocean,

Then this world is a sand sieve,

No water to be found just cracks in the ground,

I’m wrapped in the sound of wings flapping around my head,

The screech of vultures proclaiming me dead,

And yet, there is hope,

In this dry desert canvas behold an artist who paints with watercolors untold,

Limitless, boundless color and splashes of water

That hydrate the Sons and Daughters of the artist,

I wonder who this master could be,

Immaculate paintings wrapped in amazing passionate-saving,

I’m actively tracing this artist’s masterpiece of redemption,

And I can’t even grasp His perfection,

All I know is that His art is the kind of art you breathe in,

Oxygen to your weary lungs after a 10 mile run in a mile-high altitude.

This magnitude of magnificence can’t be made,

Manufactured or melted into a mold to make more of.

He can’t be reduplicated or torn up,

He’s impossible to destruct and impossible to construct,

He is the instructor of all who hear Him,

All who love and fear Him,

All who want to be near Him, 

He is God and He is fearless,

I fear less because He cures death,

My fear rests in His love!

His perfect holiness is water on my tongue in this dry deserted desert of dust,

I must see his face,

And thank Him for His canteen of grace that he pours on my mistakes,

Because His Son took my place!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son!

That whoever believes in Him, will be one,

Forgiven of all they’ve done,

Life changed with resurrection to come,

Eternal life from Christ they breathe in their lungs.

So, if love is an Ocean,

Then God is the seven seas,

Times seven hundred and seventy-seven,

To the power of infinity.

He is fresh water in a dry weary land,

An oasis of hope in the hot burning sand,

His love pours on the scorched when they call on His name,

It extinguishes flames and delivers from pain,

His love is rain in the driest of droughts,

Waves that flood in with living water that shouts,

For God so loved the world!

He gave His Son to pour out.