Lord, I confess that this afternoon I’m utterly weary. I’m so busy with trying that my mind spins and my soul aches with longing for rest from the toil of this world. I recall you said that your “yoke fits perfectly, and your burden is light,” and here I am, anyway, scrambling to do more and be more at all times. Once again, I come to you and lay my burdens down at your feet. You replace those heavy things with burdens fitted perfectly for me; ones that, though I carry, will not weigh me down because you’ve equipped me for them. Thank you, Lord, for your invitation into this kind of relief.



Praying off the Page: One of the greatest benefits of following Jesus is the rest he gives us from the kinds of burdens that crush and destroy. When we’re working toward significance in this world, he invites us to come to a full stop and rest in the truth that we can’t be any more significant to him than we are right this moment, just as we are. A quiet walk, an hour doing something that brings us joy, a conversation with an encouraging friend – there are many ways to jump off the hamster wheel of life and allow ourselves to rest and breathe. This isn’t laziness or procrastination when we bring intention to these moments, it’s necessary fuel for our lives.