Month: August 2017

Immigration, the Bible, and the Church: Interview with Matthew Soerens

Perhaps now, more than ever, we need balanced discourse on the issues that divide our nation. Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang Yang, both employees of World Relief, have added a book to that discourse, Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion &…

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All Things Are Yours

The last few months I’ve been reading books by writers some people condemn as heretics. Heretic is an interesting word; it means “a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.” To most people, then, Christians are…

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Different Cultures, Same Desire

The repurposed wood was the first thing that stuck out to me as I walked into the church. A greeter said “hello” as she handed me a bulletin, but didn’t ask my name or give hers. I sat in a…

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A Judicial Error: Thoughts on Book XII of The Brothers Karamazov

Well, now I remember why I abandoned this book at the very end when I read it at age 19. This last section was nearly 100 pages of reiterating the same crime several times over from varying perspectives and inferences…

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Changing Landscapes

The sky is deep blue, and the lake is calm and waveless—flat as a piece of glass for as far as the eye can see. The expanse of the horizon melts into the largeness of the blue of the water….

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Why are People of Faith so Close-Minded? | Dear Addie #18

Dear Addie,   Several years ago, our family moved from one region of the United States to another. We were excited to see what life would be like in the new region. As we made friends and joined a church…

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Responsibility of Listening

The first day of math class in my junior year of high school, Mr. Henderson told us to sit in alphabetical order, by last name. The boy who sat in front of me was new. A sophomore. Foreign, but I…

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Ivan: Thoughts on Book XI of The Brothers Karamazov

After a little respite of the previous section talking about the lives of schoolboys, we jump right back into the murder mystery in book XI, with a twist–this is now a supernatural paranormal thriller that includes an appearance from the…

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In God’s Hands

There were small miracles along the way. Like the church lady who, just one day after I’d written a list of items my dying neighbor might need, asked if I knew anybody who could use an easy chair. The list…

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Examen: A Skeptic’s Guide to the Spiritual Practices

When I was growing up, my family took a summer road trip out west. My parents, who were former experiential educators, always made good use of each “teachable moment.” We stopped at historical markers where Conestoga wagons left ruts in…

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