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Interview Q & A:

Illustrator Joshua Noom crafted a great piece of art that our team wanted to share with the community. Next month, we’ll announce how you can have the opportunity to receive a free, 100-percent combed-cotton “Live” tee shirt. But for now, check out this artist interview, the process, and finished artwork. Leave a comment of what Live Off the Page means to you!


Q: Is there any specific Scripture that compels you as an artist?

A: Naming a specific piece of Scripture is not easy because it’s always changing. I’m always inspired and compelled by Scripture. It may not even be anything to do with art or work, but the truth that is embedded in all Scripture is inspiring enough, not only to create art but to live out every day.




Q: What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t have your artistic talent?

A: Well, I’d love to say I’d be playing in the NBA, dunking on fools and taking names. But that would be a lie. The truth is that I’d most likely still be working in the mall skate shop. Stay in school, kids!


Q: What is your favorite food?

A: By far the hardest question in the entire interview. I’ll answer for today. Today my favorite food is tacos, but tomorrow . . . tomorrow it might be pizza.


Q: What kinds of creative blocks do you encounter?

A: All of them. Hah! Jokes aside, the biggest block I run into is one of comparison. Letting the great work of others discourage me, rather than inspire me.


Q: What is your first memory of creating art?

A: My dad is an artist, and I remember him going to art school and coming home with all different kinds of projects. I’d do my best to try to create/make whatever he was currently working on. I was always getting in his way while he was trying to do his homework.




Q: What artists do you gain inspiration from?

A: There are a lot of guys and girls that are absolutely crushing it that are all very inspiring. Their work is all very different from one another, but the common thread they all have that I find most inspiring is their work ethic. The passion, the time, and hard work they all dedicate to their craft is what I find most inspiring.


Q: What goes in your airplane carry-on? (Basically, what are the essential tools you can’t live without?)

A: My carry-on is always the same, nothing crazy:

– Laptop

– Sketchbook and a small pencil case

– Headphones

– Gummi Bears

Q: Who or what first inspired you to be an artist?

A: Man, that’s tough. Idk . . . I guess the thing that really first inspired me in school to chase after art was the fact that it never seemed like work. It was always something I enjoyed. Still to this day, now that art has become work, I still enjoy the fact that those feelings I had as a middle school student still exist.




Q: Where do you now draw your inspiration from?​

A: Anything and everything. It’s tough to get specific with an answer. Inspiration can come from anywhere if you let it.


Q: You’ve done work for some really cool clients. Which one of your pieces were you really excited to do for a client?

A: Working with bands is always super fun. But getting the opportunities to create art for some of my favorite bands, that’s always exciting—nerve-racking, but exciting.


Q:  Live Off the Page is really a call to live the life of the Bible outwardly. Basically putting hands and feet to the whole “love God/love others” thing. In your work or in your art, how do you live off the page?

A: Well, to be 100 percent honest, I am probably not as intentional about this as I should be. When opportunity presents itself I try to share my faith through art and illustration. But mostly I just try be the “hands and feet” in my everyday interactions with people. Artwork aside, it’s a life decision, and if I apply that way of living to my daily life, then eventually it will cross over to my artwork.



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