Month: April 2016

Beyonce’s Lemonade as a Pièce de Résistance

I typically avoid engaging in thought pieces and intense discourse around Beyonce. A lot of the reason is because every time Beyonce comes out with a new song, a new clothing line, video, instagram picture or quote, overwhelming fan responses…

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Drinking God: Meeting the Divine in Metaphor with Lauren Winner

Last year, I started reading Lauren Winner’s newest book, Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, Fire, and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God, without really knowing what to expect. I had a feeling that she would broaden my perspective on scripture, as…

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Living in the Tension of Faith

You could say my future conversion to Christianity was set in stone when I had my Bat Mitzvah in a church. At the time, that was my only option—borrowing another religion’s sanctuary to celebrate my entrance into Jewish adulthood because…

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Lemonade: The Resurrection of Black Femininity

The first time I heard Beyoncè’s sultry vocals I was 13-years-old, a precocious teenager listening to R&B well advanced for my years. It was 1998, the precipice of baggy jeans, backwards-baseball-cap wearing fashion coming to an end to be replaced…

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The Gospel in Vogue Magazine | Dear Addie #5

Hello Addie,   I really enjoyed your first book When We Were on Fire and have already pre-ordered your new release. I have been a Christian for many years but I’ve had a difficult time feeling any love for God….

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Criticizing, Creating, and Getting Your Hands Dirty

I’m a terrible hypocrite.   Those who know me are not shocked by this confession, but this truth surprises me on a regular basis. Earlier this year, I was having lunch with some friends and the conversation turned to a…

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Consciously Finding Your Path

Last week I spoke with a pastor on the phone and we had an hour’s worth of “spiritual counseling.” For the record, I first started these conversations last summer. The last time I’d spoken with this pastor in this capacity,…

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The God Who Sees You

My friend wasn’t trying to be hurtful when sharing his romantic preferences. After all, preferences are just that—what we prefer—right? Yet, when he noted that he wouldn’t date a divorced woman because he wanted his significant other to be “fresh”…

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Fear Distorts. Love Transforms.

On our way home from my in-laws the other day, my husband and I drove by a little white church with a prominent sign in their front yard.   It read, “Choose the bread of life or be toasted.”  …

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Do We Have a Problem with “God”?

Ever had the entertaining phenomenon that happens when you are eavesdropping on a conversation – innocently of course – and two people are using the same word but, because they have different understandings of the word they are using, cannot…

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