Month: March 2016

God Can, But What If He Doesn’t?

“See that? That’s baby number two! You are having identical twins!”   We were ecstatic. Well, I was. My husband was a little nervous.   Then the doctor quickly added, “Hmm, I see the heartbeat for Baby A but not…

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When is it Time to Leave a Church? Dear Addie Column #4

Dear Addie, I grew up thinking Christianity was like a circle that I was enclosed in. My evangelical bubble was small yet so very certain. Every issue I ran across was clearly pre-marked inside the circle or outside the circle….

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Empty Places

We skip Sunday school and head south, seeking somewhere to explore, and after bellies full of flapjacks, we find it at Indian Echo Caverns. This limestone cave, hidden along the Swatara creek, is a geological wonder, a gem of a…

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Choosing and Being Chosen: The Bachelor, God, and Me

Last December, I was at a friend’s holiday party, when talk turned to the new season of The Bachelor, starting in January. Normally, I tune out in these moments, like I do when someone begins quoting statistics in a sport…

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After the X

A Crucifixion Poem, for Lent   Some small thing, a thread of sweat on a forehead, hidden by cursive ashen hair—these we know. An X there, over and over our brow as water runs and his neck drops And she…

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Getting Used to Good News

Sometimes, I’m not sure I’m happy enough for Easter. When it comes around each year, I sing the alleluia’s that we have stopped saying during Lent, and I clap a lot and say, “He is risen indeed,” when I am…

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Broken as Hell

There are these guys at the Starbucks I go to. I think they’re retired. They’re always wearing sweatpants and don’t look like they’ve showered so I figure they aren’t working. These guys are here every time I am, and it…

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How to Be Single?

On the day before Valentine’s Day, some girlfriends and I made plans to have brunch and go to a movie. We were following in Leslie Knope’s Parks and Recreation footsteps with a “Galentine’s Day” designed to celebrate female friendship. We…

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What’s in a Name?

I’ve always cringed when people refer to praying as “petitioning God.” To me, it makes God seem like a governmental bureau that rarely condescends to pay attention to a matter unless enough people make a big enough ruckus that it…

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The Witch

The thing you have to realize about The Witch is that the threat is real. It’s unclear until the end of the film (at which point it becomes a little too straightforwardly clear) what constitutes the threat, whether the ordeals…

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