We love our writers here at Off the Page and are interested in what interests them. So we asked them what their favorite songs, books, and movies from 2015 were. At worst, you’ll be exposed to something you’ve not heard of before; at best, you’ll come to know our writers better.


To kick things off, here is a Spotify playlist with the songs our writers chose.

Only one song was chosen by two different writers: Adele’s Hello. Here is the full list of who chose each song:

  • Should’ve Been Us by Torri Kelly – Khristi Adams (she chose the full album, but we only put this song in the playlist)
  • Born Again by Josh Garrels – MJ Almdale (same as above, full album chosen and this is the top played song)
  • Masterpiece by Mooner – Brent Bailey
  • Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens – Nathan Elmore
  • All I Have by NF – Carlos Erazo
  • Us for Them by Gungor – Chris Fann
  • Keep Me by Travis Greene – Shakira Hill
  • Brother by The Brilliance – Laurie Krieg
  • When We Were Young by Adele – Briana Meade (which is unfortunately not available on Spotify, so not on the playlist)
  • Hello by Adele – Dennis Moles
  • John My Beloved by Sufjan Stevens – Amy Peterson
  • Song for Someone by U2 – Scott Savage
  • Hello by Adele – Cara Strickland
  • Lost on You by LP – Emily Van Houten (who also included Who i want you to love by Bleachers; Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens and Sprinter by Torres, which are not included on the playlist)
  • Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon – Amber Wackford
  • Pontoon by Sarah Wells (who knows this didn’t come out in 2015 but listened to it more than any other song this year)


We’ve had several movie reviews published this year, by Jelani Greenidge, Brent Bailey, Emily Van Houten, and myself. And a few of the films reviewed made some of our writer’s favorites for the year. Inside Out was a clear leader, with five of our writers choosing the Pixar film. Dennis Moles and I both chose The Force Awakens (prior to seeing it – and we still stand behind that decision). Here is the full list:

  • Straight Outta Compton – Khristi Adams
  • Anomalies – Brent Bailey
  • Selma – Nathan Elmore
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Carlos Erazo
  • The Force Awakens – Chris Fann & Dennis Moles
  • Wild – Shakira Hill
  • Inside Out – Laurie Krieg, Briana Meade, Scott Savage, Sarah Wells, and Addie Zierman
  • Brooklyn – Amy Peterson
  • The Intern – Cara Strickland
  • Mad Max: Fury Road – Emily Van Houten (who also wrote a fantastic review of the film here)
  • Furious 7 – Amber Wackford


Finally, the best writers are readers. A number of great books came out this year, and one that a few of our writers chose as their favorite is Lauren Winner’s Wearing God. Here is the full list:


These are our favorites from this year. We want to know yours. What were you favorite songs, films, and books from 2015? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks for being part of Off the Page in 2015!