Month: October 2015

Charlie Brown’s Revelation

Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good…

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A Call to Community

Life is not meant to be journeyed alone. I do not believe God intends for any of us to be isolated, no matter what our relationship status is. As human beings we need each other. Therefore, a call to singleness…

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Accepting Mystery

It took me a long time to figure this out, but because I’m generous with my accrued knowledge, I’ll sum it up for you here real quick for free: The Bible is not a science textbook.   I know! It…

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A Myers-Briggs Identity Crisis

I have an obsession with personality typing—particularly the Myers-Briggs test, which organizes the range of personalities into sixteen different types.   This is the way it starts for me: on good days, I’ll see myself as relatively well spoken; I…

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Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses of the Bible

In this eight part special series Matt Whitman revisits seven treasured Bible verses and thinks about whether they mean what he believed them to mean.   Here’s the transcript: Like a lot of people, one time I thought it would be a…

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Solitude and Loneliness

“I’m a little bit lonely these days” – Bill Murray, Rushmore   A little bit lonely.   We know ourselves. We know when we’re feeling isolated, and as hard as it is, others know we feel alone only if we…

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Steve Jobs and Understanding Our Actions

On the train ride to and from the theatre where I watched Steve Jobs, the new biopic from director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, I also took in another story about a genius inventor, albeit one of a very different…

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Singleness and Selfhood

I once saw a commercial where a boy was standing alone in the middle of a room. Suddenly, someone approached the young man with a new shirt and put it over the boy’s clothes. Someone else came and put a…

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When the God You Believe in Fails You

In my early twenties, I was walking along in my faith, happily married and employed, filled with hope for the future, and then one day I learned I was pregnant. And then twelve weeks later, I learned I was not….

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Life Together Means Living Together

Community. Fellowship. Relationships.   These words are often thrown around by Christians trying to describe what we want in our churches—either by creating conditions where they can happen in our churches or searching for churches where they are already real…

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