Month: September 2015

The Invisible, Necessary Work of Faith Renovation

This summer, I accidentally-on-purpose started watching Love It or List It on HGTV. I know. I know.   The premise of the show is this: a couple or family lives in a house that was once good enough but has…

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Your Vocation is Your Voice

We often think of calling as this mysterious, enigmatic idea. I know lots of people who are waiting around for a calling from God to come in the form of a dream or a vision or a crazy prophet who…

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That Thing She’s Wearing

“Daddy, can I get a bikini this summer?” my then seven-year-old daughter asked toward the end of the school year in 2012. Sure, sweetheart. Could we also stay indoors, watch episodes of Winnie the Pooh, share a bowl of goldfish…

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The Most Important Twenty Seconds Ever

Have you ever considered how the moment for courage is a limited window? We regularly think we can wait on a decision and still make a “courageous” choice. And while this is true in some cases, the expiration date on…

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Overcoming Persecution

Several years ago a good friend lost his teenage daughter in a tragic car accident. The night of the visitation, hordes of mourners crowded past him and his wife, extending condolences. In the midst of all the hugs, tears, and…

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How Much Am I Worth?

I have a hard time sorting out for myself what I’m worth. I’ve done all the wrong things at the negotiating table when presented with job offers. I’ve taken on additional work without compensation. I’ve donated time and energy to…

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Cool Story Bro

Carlos’s experience of how he learned that the Old Testament stories are not just “stories,” but also supernatural pointers to the person of Jesus.

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Deathly Serious: A Meditation on Weapons

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say.   But what I believe is this…   Neither the keyboard nor the Kalashnikov is as mighty as (actual) love expressed to the person who, otherwise, you would simply prefer to…

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The Committee Inside our Heads

I love the idea behind Pixar’s film, Inside Out. The premise of the film involves a committee of emotions inside your head who process events and make decisions. How many of us resonate with the idea that there are little…

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Searching for Grace(land)

In the TV business, titles can be funny things. Sometimes they’re essential, and other times they’re almost inconsequential. A good title can help a show succeed, but a bad title isn’t always enough to kill it.   This is why…

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