Month: January 2015

Why Play Video Games Anyway?

As a gamer in my thirties, sometimes moments of introspection creep into my controller-mashing lifestyle.   For example…   I love playing sandbox-style action games. The most popular of these is, of course, the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but I’ve…

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Don’t Follow Your Heart

Welcome to 2015. Where brands, pop culture, and society attempts to persuade us to “follow our heart,” follow your desires, yolo, etc. Scripture says, “don’t follow your heart.” Why not? It’s deceitful. Would you follow somebody who you knew was…

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Faking It Until We Miss It

Protests on college campuses in the ’60s and ’70s catalyzed resistance to United States military involvement in the Vietnam War.   Facebook, the world’s largest social network, began in the dorm room of one of America’s oldest institutions, Harvard.  …

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What to Do While You Wait to Upgrade

So the holidays came and went, and you wished and wished—or probably more accurately, you worked and worked—and still, you haven’t been able to get your hands on the latest video game console.   If you were like me, you…

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The One Where Jelani Introduces Himself

You know how sitcoms always have that one episode full of flashbacks?   These episodes serve to remind the viewer of defining events or character traits that make the character unique or memorable. For example, on my favorite TV show,…

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Planting Money into the Ground

The chickens were killed, probably by a weasel. Or, in fact—and this isn’t a joke—they might have been scared to death by something chasing them. When I went outside early that morning sixteen months after I’d bought them, they were…

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Church bores me, why go?

You are not the only one who feels bored at church. One Sunday a young guy named Eutychus gathered with other Jesus followers in a home, which was their custom at the time. Paul was there that day to teach….

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Stealing Your Future

Do you ever get tired of reading articles in your news feed that slam millennials? There are so many critiques. We are lazy and feel entitled. We are narcissistic. We are addicted to our phones. We cannot go five minutes…

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Welcome to Off the Page

Before I hit my first decade of life, I discovered my first two loves. The first happened around five years of age. My mom explained who Jesus was, that he loved me, and what he had done for me because…

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