What’s Your Life Purpose?

Does your life have a purpose? Carlos looks at three Biblical, foundational truths that relate to the question of life’s meaning.

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Welcomed into God’s Family – Kirsten’s Story

What relationship does family have with discovering your identity? Kirsten tells her story of experiencing how being welcomed into God’s story gave her a strong identity.

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Let’s Talk About Sex

  If you really wanna get to know more about something, talk to the designer or the inventor. Wanna learn about Facebook? Talk to Mark Zuckerberg. Wanna learn about Windows? Go to Bill Gates. You get the point. Wanna really understand sexuality? Let’s…

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All I Want is You – Michael’s Story

  Can we only come to God once we have cleaned ourselves up? Michael tells his story of experiencing God’s unconditional love.  

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How to Go Viral on YouTube

Did you ever wanna go viral on Youtube? Good, you won’t. Just kidding. Yes you can. Just follow the the next three easy steps.

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What to Look Forward to in Marriage

So for me, this is the time when a lot of my friends are either getting engaged or getting married. My brother just got married, my best friend is getting married this summer, a couple of other friends are also getting married soon. So…

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Which God Do You Believe In?

If you compare Jesus with any other religion, He seems to say things about himself that nobody else says. Mohammad didn’t say He was God, Buddha didn’t say he was God, Khrisna and all these other religious leaders said they…

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Talk About It

  You might think you are the only person who struggles with anxiety and depression. Please don’t believe that lie. A study in 2014 found that the second most common prescription in the United States was for antidepressants.   You are…

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Are You Not Entertained?

We live in an entertainment saturated culture. Netflix, YouTube, video games, sports. It’s everywhere and all on demand. Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily. I love being entertained and many of you are right there with me. However, as…

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11 Things Jesus Didn’t Say Pt 2

  Sometimes people believe or practice things that are not really in the Bible.  

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