What is Heaven Like?

We went to Michigan State University asking people for their thoughts on what heaven will be like.

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My Job Doesn’t Define Me

  In the fall of 2012, I transferred colleges and found myself sitting in one of my new classes there. That first day of class, the professor gave us an assignment, a one-minute elevator speech in front of the class….

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Cool Story Bro

Carlos’s experience of how he learned that the Old Testament stories are not just “stories,” but also supernatural pointers to the person of Jesus.

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Stainless | Beacon Light

  Last week I sat down with Grand Rapids rapper Beacon Light to talk about partnering together here on Off the Page. We had a great conversation over coffee about sexuality, parenting, sin and brokenness, and the beauty of grace….

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How Long Has It Been?

How long has it been since Gameboys, Saved by the Bell, dial-up modems, and more? Our lives are temporary & fast. Are you making it count?

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How Does a Good God Allow Suffering?

How does an all-powerful, good God allow so many bad, evil, or tragic things to happen? Not just throughout the world, but even, perhaps in our own lives? If He really exists, how can there be so much suffering?

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Offensive Things Jesus Said

What if a homeless man down your street made the news because he said he was God himself. What would you think? Jesus actually did this 2,000 year ago. Big statement. Was he serious? Was he out of his mind? Did he…

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