For God So Loved... Cover

For God so Loved…

  For God so loved the world… ….that he gave his one and only son. For God so loved the world… …He left heaven to become a humble servant and die on a cross. For God so loved the world……

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OtP No 4

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses #4 | 1 Corinthians 10.13

  I’ve heard that the Bible more or less says that God will never give you more than what you can bear. How does that actually work, and for that matter, what does that passage actually say?

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Love Poured Out

  If love is an ocean, Then this world has run dry. Valleys of worthless salt lie, on this blanket of sand, That once was a vibrant place, This silent place leaves a violent taste in my mouth, Like spears…

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OtP No 2

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses of the Bible #2 | Matthew 18.20

You know what doesn’t make a ton of sense? The idea I used to getting someone else to agree with you in prayer was all it took to make God give you whatever you want whenever you want it? That…

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3 Reminders for Those Who Are Too Busy

    So I’ve never been so busy in my life, until now. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, working on multiple projects at the same time, trying to keep up with friends and family … and I’m married….

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OtP Intro 1

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses of the Bible

In this eight part special series Matt Whitman revisits seven treasured Bible verses and thinks about whether they mean what he believed them to mean.   Here’s the transcript: Like a lot of people, one time I thought it would be a…

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