deaf uncle tall girl

My Deaf Uncle and the Tall Girl

When I was six years old, my family and I visited my uncle and aunt at their home in New Hampshire. We’d taken a road trip to New England, and it was October, so the trees were turning and the…

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racism and autism

Something Like Empathy: Racism and Autism

When our daughter Shannon was labeled autistic at twenty-one months, racism wasn’t in my thoughts. Being white, it rarely is. Autism, though, was pervasive.   Prior to parenthood I’d led a criminally contented life. Raised in a loving family, I…

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nuclear family

Exploding the Nuclear Family

When I brought up the term “nuclear family” in class the other day, very few students claimed to know what it meant. Sure, many more of them probably believe in the concept without knowing the term, but I took it…

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finding post-election commonality

Finding Post-Election Commonality During the Holidays | Dear Addie #12

Hi Addie:  I found your site when I googled “how to talk to Evangelicals.” (No kidding). Then I read one of your posts about witnessing and I really liked it.  I’m a progressive Jew from a small town in the…

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letter to my daughter

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Body

I’m not sure how to talk about this. But I’m scared for you, my daughter. You have such a bubbly, sweet, and fiery soul, and this makes me afraid that the world is going to tell you to stop listening…

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my therapist

My Therapist is Not My Friend

For a long time I was afraid to go to therapy. In my church, that just wasn’t what you did. But eventually I had some emotional bumps in the road I couldn’t deal with on my own. I went kicking…

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broken boundaries

Broken Boundaries and Nervous Laughter

“Look at us!” Lisa pointed out when we arrived at the hotel. “We wanted to go on a trip, so we picked a date and a place and went! Just look at us! We’re adults!” We keep reminding each other…

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walks with lily

Walks with Lily

I walk a dog named Lily on the weekends. It has become a habit.   Lily lives two hours south of me, with her family, in a small coastal town predominantly inhabited with fishermen, their families, or descendants of their…

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A photo by Mayur Gala.

The First Day, the Fifty-Fifth Day, and the Turning of the Seasons

It’s the first day of kindergarten for my last child, and he and his older brother walk in front of us down our driveway with backpacks on, roughhousing like tiger cubs. Brandon and I snap the requisite first-day photos and…

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the love warrior

The Way of the Warrior: A Review of Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

When Glennon Doyle Melton first announced the release of her memoir, Love Warrior, I was sickly jealous. I read her book description and cringed. This was my story, only what she wrestled with and what she overcame with her husband…

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