jane the virgin

Jane the Married Virgin and the Effects of Purity Culture

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin since season one, enjoying the improbable telenovela story of a virgin who is artificially inseminated, having a baby long before she gets married or has sex. As a Catholic, saving sex for marriage is…

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what falls from the sky

Interview with Esther Emery | What Falls from the Sky

I’ve followed Esther Emery’s work for several years, and appreciated her as both a writer and a friend. She has a habit of challenging me to think outside the box and this book, a memoir of a year in her…

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silence and advent

Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent

I ordered Enuma Okoro’s book, Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent, sight unseen on the internet several years ago. It has become a treasured yearly companion, giving me space to process waiting, worry, doubt, and what it means when…

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barefoot interview

The Spiritual Practice of Fiction

When I first picked up Sensible Shoes, on a whim at the library, I had no idea what to expect. It’s a novel, yes, but it’s also a sort of spiritual retreat. This is like no Christian fiction I’d ever…

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Finding God in the Waves Interview with Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue, also known as Science Mike, might sound familiar when you hear his voice. He is co-host of The Liturgists Podcast, and host of the Ask Science Mike podcast. In September, he released his first book, Finding God in…

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road back to you

The Road Back to You – An Interview on the Enneagram

I’ve been interested in the Enneagram for a few years now, but the process to discerning a number, and learning more about it, once you do, can be daunting. Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile are releasing an Enneagram primer…

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The Sin of Certainty Interview with Pete Enns

Peter Enns is the author of several books including The Bible Tells Me So, Inspiration and Incarnation, and The Evolution of Adam. In addition to speaking across the country, and writing, he is a professor of Biblical Studies at Eastern…

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D. L. Mayfield

Assimilate or Go Home Interview with D.L. Mayfield

D.L. Mayfield’s words have always encouraged me toward greater depth of thought and examination of my own blind spots and her new book, releasing today, is no exception. I caught up with her to talk a little about it.  …

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Interviewing Shauna Niequist about her book Present Over Perfect

I started reading Shauna Niequist’s books right after college. I’ve always found her to be an honest, vulnerable voice. Her willingness to share her own journey of growth and faith has continued to encourage me. Today her latest book, Present Over…

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Katelyn Beaty’s A Woman’s Place Interview

I’ve appreciated Katelyn Beaty’s work for years, as a woman, and perhaps especially as a fellow single woman (although I think that her writing is important far beyond that demographic). Today, her book A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for…

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