Silence and My Own Missionary Failure

The silence of God is too often ignored in missionary stories we tell in America. In fact, one of the only places I heard about it was in the book “Silence,” which I read in my twenties, trying to come…

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divine appointment

Divine Appointments with an “Anti-Christ”

There were non-Christians, and then there were certain non-Christian “others” who we perceived as specific threats to our religious freedom: they thought anyone who believed same-sex marriage was a sin was a bigot; they supported abortion-on-demand. Such people were anti-Christs,…

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good fear

A Good Fear

I have a great-uncle who has a way of commanding attention and tells scads of groovy stories. At one family get together the topic of child rearing came up. As can be likely with a mixing of the older generation…

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when eating is a spiritual practice

When Eating is a Spiritual Act

When you awake in the morning to find the sun has gone missing, the cloud cover seems so absolute, you wonder if it will return. Walk down the stairs, or down the hall, and put on the kettle. Switch on…

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subversive jesus

Good News for the Poor

Most churches don’t spend much time on the disturbing words of pregnant Mary’s song in Luke 1, known as the Magnificat. But during the British colonial rule of India, it was forbidden to sing the Magnificat in church. Gandhi, who…

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Jesus Came Screaming

When Jesus Came Screaming

Being a kid was great.   As a child, I could count on being fed, could make up games in my head or in the garden…all those wonderful things I could do because I was usually carefree. But there were…

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locked up for Christmas

I Almost Got Locked Up For Christmas

The large man stood in the pulpit. His voice rattled and ricocheted off the light-blue plaster walls as dust motes danced in colored light, the sun having worked its way over the white-oak and black-ash trees filtering its way through…

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advent for all love

Advent for All, Week 4: Love

Whether you find yourself in church this Advent or struggling to step foot in its doors, the message of Advent surrounds us.   Of all the Advent stories, the one in the Gospel of John is my favorite. John doesn’t…

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jane the virgin

Jane the Married Virgin and the Effects of Purity Culture

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin since season one, enjoying the improbable telenovela story of a virgin who is artificially inseminated, having a baby long before she gets married or has sex. As a Catholic, saving sex for marriage is…

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first christmas as divorcee

My First Christmas as a Divorcee

Christmas always makes me feel a little sad and a little lonely. As a young girl waiting to open her presents on Christmas, I felt a hint of melancholy. My mind would wander to people who might be sitting alone,…

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