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different colors same flower

Finding Beauty in People Who Don’t Look Like Me

I experienced a wave of culture shock when I first began my job. I have moved from one vaguely Eastern European community to another since birth, from rural Northeast Ohio to rural North Central Ohio back to semi-rural Northeast Ohio….

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swept away no longer

Swept Away No Longer

The most radical dehumanization of all is to keep living normally in this world etsi pauperes non darentur—as if the poor did not exist. —Jon Sobrino, quoted in The People’s Bible   What is it like where you live? Are…

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in vain

In Vain

I’m lying in the ditch, bleeding. My son has died. I can’t move, can’t climb. I will never be the same. I will never be the same.   I hear you above me on the high road. You stop. Oh…

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risking agnosticism

Risking Agnosticism

For most of my life, I begged God to take away my doubts about Christianity. The more I begged, the more I experienced silence, abandonment, and finally, nothingness. I felt the nonexistence of God.   I self-diagnosed myself with agnosticism…

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how does jesus feel about guns

How Does Jesus Feel About Guns?

Where I grew up two types of people had guns. Well, three actually: gang members, police officers, and old men. There was a fair amount of gun violence in my hometown. I first experienced it personally when I was in…

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Labyrinth of Faith

Making Room for Others on the Spiral Labyrinth of Faith | Dear Addie #3

My brothers and I grew up attending an evangelical non-denominational church whose theology ranged from Baptist all the way to Charismatic depending on the pastor. Everything was described as “epic,” there were electric guitars during worship, and weekly we heard…

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black lives matter

Black Lives Matter and the Life Giving Power of Words

Black Lives Matter.   This phrase has been the source of much contention and debate in recent months. In response to ongoing incidents involving police that resulted in the deaths of Black Americans, “Black Lives Matter” is a bold statement…

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Dear Addie Intro

Dear Addie: Introduction

This fall, at a weird little “resort” in the Wisconsin Dells that had two goats and a wasp-infested outdoor pool, I cracked open Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar, and I learned…

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be not afriad

Be Not Afraid

We don’t know quite what else to do We have all our beliefs But we don’t want our beliefs God of peace, We want you. –Aaron Weiss   I have irrational fears.   They used to be small–pumping my own…

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