jesus supplements

Imagination and Jesus Supplements

Walter Brueggemann, contemporary theologian and Old Testament scholar, suggests that “the key pathology of our time is the reduction of our imagination so that we are too numbed and satiated and co-opted to do serious imaginative work.” Essentially, he is…

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cabin in the woods

Entertaining Jesus

Do you slip into an ideal locale in an imaginary world from time to time? Not just when things are going bad, but when you want to take a moment and get another perspective on life? If you do, we…

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art and creation

Art & the Act of Creating

The afternoon is spent with friends, but before I go to bed, I sit down with an old book and skim through pages until a few words jump out at me. I tear the page out, not so carefully because…

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songs for fight

Songs for the Fight

I had a conversation recently with singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson, one he’s had before. I’ve had it before, too, though not in quite the same way. My wife and I went to the last Local Show of the year when we…

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sabbath afternoon

Sabbath Afternoon

If you haven’t done so lately, it’s time to grab a picnic blanket before the warm days slip away and the evening sun skitters over the horizon in the hurry of new autumn notebooks and backpacks; before it gets too…

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