To the Point of Revelation

This woman walks into a town in Iowa. She meets a pastor-man, old enough to be her father, maybe even her grandfather. The woman is a bit unkempt. She sleeps in a cabin. Bathes in a river. When the pastor-man…

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Jesus is a Fractal

I recall white card stock on an easel. On the card stock was a thick, black circle with “God’s Love” imprinted in the center in a Stranger Things font. As the pastor’s kid, I was expected to sing loudest of…

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Deus Ex

Humanity 2.0

The latest Deus Ex video game can help us learn an important lesson about God. But first, an illustration.     The overall story of the Bible seems to be one of humanity in a perpetual conversation with God, a…

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tierra bendita

Tierra Bendita

Many pilgrims walk for miles. Some make the trek on their knees. We come by rental car, drive through the county with the highest rates of heroin use in North America, park in the shade just outside the holy place:…

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walking in thorny woods

Walking in Thorny Woods

For a few years when I was a kid, Saturday mornings went like this: My parents dropped me off at the corner of Oak Park Avenue and North Boulevard and I walked to a health food store. There I ordered…

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harry potter christian

Harry Potter Helps Me Follow God

I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, from my first introduction to them until I read the last word of the last book. My third grade teacher, Ms. Proctor, read The Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to us in class, and I…

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air for free

A New Soundtrack for My Life: a Review of Air for Free by Relient K

Last week I wrote about my longstanding relationship with Relient K, the way many of their songs have explained my life so well since my middle school days. On Friday, they dropped a new album, their first since 2013’s Collapsible…

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infinite and finite mingle

Where the Finite and Infinite Mingle

Have you ever spoken to artists and, after some time in discussion, thought they were slightly off their rocker? Sometimes they employ strange imagery when expressing their ideas. They “give birth to creations” or find themselves “surprised” at the lives…

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Growing Up with Relient K

“Sadie Hawkin’s Dance” takes me right back to high school youth group and summer camp. In those days, there was a lot of volleyball, and volleyball requires music. I knew every single word to that song, and my friends and…

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Artist Interview: Joshua Noom | Live Off the Page

First 50 visitors will receive a FREE “Live Off the Page” T-Shirt while supplies last! See link at the bottom of this interview. Interview Q & A: Illustrator Joshua Noom crafted a great piece of art that our team wanted…

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