How Do I Deal with Being Single in the Family-Centric Church? | Dear Addie #9

Dear Addie,   I recently turned 35. Since I’m single (and have been for almost a decade), I realized I was running out of time to have a family if I wanted one. So I started visiting some Christian singles’…

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you matter

I Believe You and You Matter

Reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized should be second nature to the church. In recent weeks, we’ve seen images in the media of more hurting, marginalized communities than our hearts can handle. We’ve probably reacted in a number of ways:…

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What’s the Point of Church? | Dear Addie #8

Dear Addie,   Maybe it’s the skeptic in me, but why does community have to be found in churches as we know them? Can’t they, or shouldn’t they, be found in any group of believers? What makes Sunday morning church…

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outgrowing the old stories

Outgrowing the Old Stories

In my early twenties, I took part in the first of many young women’s Bible studies. It was an in-depth study of David, and it was transformational. For one thing, I found an author who loved digging into the Bible…

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church why bother

Church, Why Bother?

After our move to another city over a year ago, we wrestled with whether to find a church. Instead, we settled into a Friday night home church with friends in our neighborhood, a community of believers committed to studying the…

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whats wrong with church

What’s Wrong with Church?

There’s a lot wrong with the church today. Your church, my church, the neighbor’s church, the church you aren’t going to, the church you attend currently, the church you used to go to, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Baptists, the…

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i choose light

Kicked Out of Church

When I was sixteen, a revival group came to our church for a week in an effort to pump up our Baptist hearts for evangelism. We youth group kids got relegated to a Sunday school classroom down the hall from…

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guilt trip

The Guilt Trip

I have four mostly-unread devotionals in the door of my car, stuck in with a road map, my wallet, a tube of sunscreen. Every day I reach for my wallet, think about that sunscreen that I never use, and I…

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At one in the morning I followed my mom’s gurney down the sixth floor hallway of Building G to the ICU. I carried our purses from the floor above, where her cancer treatments had begun, until the side effects we…

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