good news for the poor

Preserving Power or Loving Muslim Neighbors?

I was at a missions conference a few years ago, sitting in the front row of a large megachurch. Surrounded by people who were mission nerds made me happy. I would have thrived in the 1950s and 60s, when churches…

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farmers market

The Blessed Sacrament of Potlucks

When I was little, my mom had a thing about mall bathrooms. As in, she wouldn’t let me go into them alone. Until I was sixteen.   I’m not talking some of the grand malls of the world, no Taj…

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jane the virgin

Jane the Married Virgin and the Effects of Purity Culture

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin since season one, enjoying the improbable telenovela story of a virgin who is artificially inseminated, having a baby long before she gets married or has sex. As a Catholic, saving sex for marriage is…

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giving money

The Problem with Giving Money to the Church

I have an issue with giving to my local church: my money no longer goes toward social services—or at least it is highly unlikely. I, however, very much want at least some of my money going toward these things.  …

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bound to each other

Bound to Each Other: Walks with Lily

Each year the state of Maine issues a select number of moose permits for hunters who have bid into a lottery. There are many hunters who have bid-in every year for maybe ten, twenty, or thirty years, but never win…

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this old church

This Old Church

When I was ten my parents bought a 150-year-old house across the street from my dad’s parents’ farm and next door to my mom’s parents’ house. It had been a rental for a while, so it needed work. Also, it…

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Finding God in the Waves Interview with Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue, also known as Science Mike, might sound familiar when you hear his voice. He is co-host of The Liturgists Podcast, and host of the Ask Science Mike podcast. In September, he released his first book, Finding God in…

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engage honestly

How Do I Engage Honestly with Respect to Other’s Spiritual Journey? | Dear Addie #11

Dear Addie, My husband and I recently moved back to his hometown after a few years away and started going to a new church. Everything I believe about God has changed so much in the last few years, largely because…

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assembly required

Assembly Required

I have been greatly bothered by Hebrews 10:25 for a while. You might have already felt it clouting about your ears if you aren’t someone who gets overly excited about attending church.   “Thou shalt not forsake the assembly of…

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finding god in the waves

The Science of Church

Despite all my complaints and reservations, I remain hopelessly in favor of being part of a church. My reasons go beyond sentiment. Sociologists and psychologists underscore the importance of community in forming and maintaining a healthy outlook and values.  …

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