love isnt enough

When Love Isn’t Enough

I was pretty quiet on social media last week. It didn’t take long for me to realize that any post I were to make would only be adding to the cacophony of voices, a clanging cymbal in a deafening symphony….

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the gluttony of peace

A Gluttony of Peace

This morning on my Facebook feed there are links to videos of police shooting black men. This morning on my Facebook feed there are links to articles about jihadists killing hundreds in the Middle East. There’s outrage, outrage, outrage, from…

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Gawker and the Wreckage

When driving by the wreckage, Gawker notices its own car in the pile-up but refuses to believe it.   _______________   Perhaps you’ve heard of Gawker. To give them some deserved media props, they are exceptionally good at what they…

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love trumps fear

Fear Distorts. Love Transforms.

On our way home from my in-laws the other day, my husband and I drove by a little white church with a prominent sign in their front yard.   It read, “Choose the bread of life or be toasted.”  …

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same god

Discussing the Same God of Christians, Muslims, and Professors

For many Christians, the Wheaton College affair has provided a mouthful of theological and cultural tension.     For the Chewing   In 2011, on a chilly night in December, I sat in the upstairs bar of an under-the-train-tracks gourmet…

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Tsukuru Tazaki image Victo Ngai for The Boston Globe

We Pass Through It Together

Sometime around Thanksgiving Day, I finished Haruki Murakami’s enchanting, unforgettable novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. Come this New Year, its effect still lingers.   Truth is indeed mostly stranger than fiction. But more often than not…

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Paris terror attacks November 13 human reaction

Facing/Re-facing Ourselves

An Advent reflection by way of Paris   Social Media   I am sitting in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. Twitter is at my thumbs.   There is no doubt the photographer has captured the moment in this woman….

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how to love

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor

“They aren’t even Muslim!” Mohammad said angrily.   My family had been getting to know the Syrian family who immigrated to Michigan as they ran from war and ISIS.   “They kill and drive innocents from their homes. We had…

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hero of islam

Lessons from a Militant Islamist

What can a Christian learn from a militant Islamist? To answer the question, we travel to Scandinavia—that land formerly roamed and ruled by Vikings—where a militant Islamist has happily changed his mind. God is indeed greater! Then again, this doesn’t…

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