Friendships Mess Everything Up

“The quickest way to mess with your faith or your politics is to meet someone on the other side and discover you like them.” —Dr. Maxie Burch   I didn’t know a line from my mentor in a college history…

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you matter

I Believe You and You Matter

Reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized should be second nature to the church. In recent weeks, we’ve seen images in the media of more hurting, marginalized communities than our hearts can handle. We’ve probably reacted in a number of ways:…

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inhabiting instead of defending

Inhabiting Instead of Defending

I’m making dinner when a group of strangers comes tromping through my garden to the back pasture where the steers and pigs live, stopping first to see what I’m growing in the garden. My dog is barking at them. He’s…

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we have tomorrow

We Have Tomorrow

I’m struggling to write this essay because as the world sits in front of TV screens or with eyes locked to mobile devices flashing daily breaking news alerts, telling of perpetual tragedies everything I want to say seems to fall…

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no longer remain silent

Why I’ve Decided to Not Remain Silent

After the recent events of violence and injustice in the news I asked myself a lot of questions about how I should respond.   If I said something would I just be adding to the noise?   I use social…

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Our Dad: Both Law Enforcement and a Black Man

January 14, 1974. That was the day our dad joined the police force. He worked for the Port Authority of NY and NJ. When we asked him why he joined he simply said, “I always wanted to be a cop.”…

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This isn’t my first march.   Growing up, my dad would bundle my sister and I up in our puffiest coats, wrapping warm scarves around our necks and packing extra mittens in his black patched backpack alongside a few cheese…

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color of justice

The Color of Justice

As a leader in our community of faith, I am well aware of how much Christians suck at grief. We don’t do grief well. Or pain. Or trauma. Or tragedy. We are really bad at it. It isn’t totally our…

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a confession

A Confession

I confess that as tragedy unfolded across the United States last week, I felt almost nothing. I watched people I know fall apart on and offline. I couldn’t weep, or wail. It felt like my sorrow was all used up…

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ungodly noise

Ungodly Noise

I have largely sheltered my children not from the tragedies of the last few days, but from the majority of our nation’s responses, the predictably noisy and divisive rhetoric, the choosing of sides, the blaming. If racially-motivated violence represents one…

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