good news for the poor

Preserving Power or Loving Muslim Neighbors?

I was at a missions conference a few years ago, sitting in the front row of a large megachurch. Surrounded by people who were mission nerds made me happy. I would have thrived in the 1950s and 60s, when churches…

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watch dogs 2

In the Call for Justice, We Can Be Watch Dogs 2

Playing the open-world hacker game Watch Dogs 2 is an odd experience.   Not that I haven’t enjoyed it. On the contrary, I love, love, love playing this game. It’s my kind of game: an open-world title set in a…

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#Blessed: Jesuses and the Rich Young Ruler

In the winter months I find myself on the couch, dreaming of our next renovation project. While I scroll through social media sites and pin new window treatments, I feel my heart sink against the discord in our nation, the…

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how gods people vote

The Ways God’s People Vote

I was in high school when the 2000 presidential election came down to the hanging chads in Florida. My dad and I hang on every word the 24-hour news cycle gives us. While I was writing about boys and dreams…

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deaf uncle tall girl

My Deaf Uncle and the Tall Girl

When I was six years old, my family and I visited my uncle and aunt at their home in New Hampshire. We’d taken a road trip to New England, and it was October, so the trees were turning and the…

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Selma: Examining Our Role in Justice

One of the smallest and most affecting scenes in 2014’s Selma occurs in the hallway of a morgue. Cager Lee stands beside a window examining the body of his grandson, Jimmie Lee Jackson, whom an Alabama state trooper beat and…

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love behind a gate

Love from Behind a Gate

I heard the familiar clinking against the metal gate at the end of our driveway. Peering through the window, I saw her standing on the sidewalk. Waiting.   She came fairly often — maybe once or twice a month. Most…

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divine appointment

Divine Appointments with an “Anti-Christ”

There were non-Christians, and then there were certain non-Christian “others” who we perceived as specific threats to our religious freedom: they thought anyone who believed same-sex marriage was a sin was a bigot; they supported abortion-on-demand. Such people were anti-Christs,…

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hillbilly elegy

My Own ‘Hillbilly Elegy’

My dad grew up as “little Jimmy” in a backwater town of Missouri. My grandma lived in two homes during her lifetime: the house she was born in, and the house she and “big Jimmy” bought when they married. She…

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subversive jesus

Good News for the Poor

Most churches don’t spend much time on the disturbing words of pregnant Mary’s song in Luke 1, known as the Magnificat. But during the British colonial rule of India, it was forbidden to sing the Magnificat in church. Gandhi, who…

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