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deafening silence

When God’s Silence was Deafening

The house we were in was built up on cinderblocks. There were no windows and no doors. The little abandoned home stood silent in the moments before dawn, looking up at the Blue Ridge Mountains, waiting for first light. But…

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hope and lament

Weep, Groan, Wail: The Need to Lament

Mom’s diagnosis came in late October 2015. Her oncologist told her what a tough disease this one is to fight, but that in recent years they had made great advances. “We used to talk in terms of only months,” she…

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racism and autism

Something Like Empathy: Racism and Autism

When our daughter Shannon was labeled autistic at twenty-one months, racism wasn’t in my thoughts. Being white, it rarely is. Autism, though, was pervasive.   Prior to parenthood I’d led a criminally contented life. Raised in a loving family, I…

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nuclear family

Exploding the Nuclear Family

When I brought up the term “nuclear family” in class the other day, very few students claimed to know what it meant. Sure, many more of them probably believe in the concept without knowing the term, but I took it…

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advent hope

Advent for All, Week 1: Hope

Whether you find yourself in church this Advent or struggling to step foot in its doors, it’s possible to experience the hope of Advent.   Hope can be a dangerous thing.   I’m not talking about the small hopes: I hope…

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Coloring My Prayers

When adult coloring books starting hitting the market, I was one of the first to think they were cool. I believed easily that they would help with stress, that a little time with some crayons or colored pencils might calm…

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keep magic in christmas

Keep Magic in Christmas

When my children were finally old enough to do more than cry and crawl, I began a family tradition many others have around the holidays: the advent calendar. The goal was to plan an activity of some kind—large or small—for…

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bound to each other

Bound to Each Other: Walks with Lily

Each year the state of Maine issues a select number of moose permits for hunters who have bid into a lottery. There are many hunters who have bid-in every year for maybe ten, twenty, or thirty years, but never win…

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adult harry potter

Harry Potter and the Complexities of Adulthood

I didn’t want to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My friends posted about it on Facebook, and it stared at me from large posters at Barnes and Noble. Amazon suggested it to me relentlessly. But I resisted.  …

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Lady Gaga’s Quest for Truth in Joanne

Lady Gaga is known for crazy outfits (meat dress, Kermit the Frog) and memorable award show entrances (everyone remembers the egg!). Her tantalizing lyrics often aren’t safe for younger ears, and she is well known for her sexuality and pushing…

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