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jane the virgin

Jane the Married Virgin and the Effects of Purity Culture

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin since season one, enjoying the improbable telenovela story of a virgin who is artificially inseminated, having a baby long before she gets married or has sex. As a Catholic, saving sex for marriage is…

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first christmas as divorcee

My First Christmas as a Divorcee

Christmas always makes me feel a little sad and a little lonely. As a young girl waiting to open her presents on Christmas, I felt a hint of melancholy. My mind would wander to people who might be sitting alone,…

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eternally minded

The Danger of Being Eternally-Minded

A friend I’ve known for nearly a quarter of my life is lying in a hospital bed pondering death.   Right now.   As I write this, if not sleeping, my friend is contemplating assisted suicide.   I have been…

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advent is calling

Advent is Calling

Busy. Overwhelmed. Crowded. Shopping. Sales. Cooking. Eating. Traffic. Planning. Arranging.   All these words come to mind when I think of the holiday season. Every year, Christmas creeps up on me. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be the “most wonderful…

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grief during the holiday

The Effects of Grief During the Holidays

For the first thirty years of my life, my family held fast to the same Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. Grandma’s warm, pink applesauce passed around her crowded oblong table. Bundling up and trudging through the Christmas tree field the day…

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advent for all joy

Advent for All, Week 3: Joy

Whether you find yourself in church this Advent or struggling to step foot in its doors, the message of Advent surrounds us.   A few years ago, Sheryl Sandberg made waves with her book Lean In. Her premise is essentially…

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Re-Defining Rest

On Labor Day I took my son to a ball game. Seems like ages ago, now. A different season altogether.   He was eleven then, twelve now, my firstborn, the best boy I’ll ever know. He relishes travel, smiling all…

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Feeling Unlovable

I sat in bed, my computer on my lap. I hit “Next Episode” without even thinking about it, without considering that it had been dark for hours. As the credit music played distantly, I couldn’t feel how tired I was….

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giving money

The Problem with Giving Money to the Church

I have an issue with giving to my local church: my money no longer goes toward social services—or at least it is highly unlikely. I, however, very much want at least some of my money going toward these things.  …

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Advent for All, Week 2: Peace

  Whether you find yourself in church this Advent or struggling to step foot in its doors, the message of Advent surrounds us.     I remember the days when peace for me meant a pot of coffee and sitting…

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