OtP No 4

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses #4 | 1 Corinthians 10.13

  I’ve heard that the Bible more or less says that God will never give you more than what you can bear. How does that actually work, and for that matter, what does that passage actually say?

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the gulf of beliefs

The Gulf of Beliefs

The other day I listened to a conversation between two Christians about one of those topics that get people fired up. I found myself getting fired up, but the gulf between what I believed and what they believed felt so…

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OtP No 2

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses of the Bible #2 | Matthew 18.20

You know what doesn’t make a ton of sense? The idea I used to getting someone else to agree with you in prayer was all it took to make God give you whatever you want whenever you want it? That…

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accepting mystery

Accepting Mystery

It took me a long time to figure this out, but because I’m generous with my accrued knowledge, I’ll sum it up for you here real quick for free: The Bible is not a science textbook.   I know! It…

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OtP Intro 1

Matt Whitman Ruins Treasured Verses of the Bible

In this eight part special series Matt Whitman revisits seven treasured Bible verses and thinks about whether they mean what he believed them to mean.   Here’s the transcript: Like a lot of people, one time I thought it would be a…

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biblical literalist

Becoming a 7-Day Creation Biblical Literalist

As high school science classes became more advanced and dug deeper into human life and origin, I had a hard time believing in God. As I began to grow more curious about the world beyond what could be perceived with…

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More but not Less than Words

In an image-saturated world, words still matter. In our friendships, marriages, and churches, how we use and misuse words will set the path either for pain or for flourishing. In this series, writer Branson Parler exhorts us to not take our…

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Exploring Caretakers

On a recent flight overseas for work, I had the chance to watch Interstellar. You know, the movie where Matthew McConaughey watches the Star Wars 7 trailer.   Overall, I enjoyed it. It kept me interested during its two hours…

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