The Skeptic’s Guide to Spiritual Practices: Retreat

Last month I arrived puffy-eyed and haggard at a writers’ workshop on Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle, Washington. The emotional whiplash from the presidential election a week prior, combined with work and at-home stress, had left me feeling crunched…

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Black Mirror Shows Us Who We Really Are

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I found a TV show deserving of a new genre description. The show is BBC hit (and recent Netflix transplant) Black Mirror, and I call it exaggerated surreality.    Black…

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Atlanta is Not About You, and That’s Okay

“The dance that you’re doing is dumb… how they do it where you from?” — Missy Elliot, “WTF (Where They From)”     In 2013, Donald Glover left NBC’s beloved cult classic sitcom Community, because after five seasons of playing…

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Luke Cage and the Power of Context

At the end of September, Netflix released all thirteen episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage onto the public, and it dropped like a megaton bomb.   So anticipated was Luke Cage that, on the day of its release, streaming host Netflix…

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The World’s Worst Joke

God’s Message came to me: “Son of man, are you going to judge this bloody city or not? Come now, are you going to judge her? Do it! Face her with all her outrageous obscenities. Tell her, ‘This is what…

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eternal conscious torment

Eternal Conscious Torment?

One week before my father died of cancer, I received an email from a family friend— we’ll call her G—wanting to know if he had been “saved” yet; the implication being there wasn’t much time left before it would be…

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wells article

Protecting the Rapist

Let me tell you a familiar story.   A beautiful girl is dressed in beautiful clothes. A man finds her attractive and schemes with a friend how he can have her. When she is alone with him, he grabs her…

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