Author: Sarahbeth Caplin

divine appointment

Divine Appointments with an “Anti-Christ”

There were non-Christians, and then there were certain non-Christian “others” who we perceived as specific threats to our religious freedom: they thought anyone who believed same-sex marriage was a sin was a bigot; they supported abortion-on-demand. Such people were anti-Christs,…

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belieing in god isnt crazy

You Can Believe in God Without Being Crazy

The typical testimony in churches is ‘I once had doubts but now I’m certain.’ It is indicative of the well-earned reputation American Christianity has as being black and white. Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and…

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unable to give up faith

Unable to Give Up Faith

I know of no word that describes someone like me.   “I’m agnostic,” I said out loud one day to my reflection in the bathroom mirror. It felt wrong; what was I doing? I’ve believed in God my whole life….

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you matter

I Believe You and You Matter

Reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized should be second nature to the church. In recent weeks, we’ve seen images in the media of more hurting, marginalized communities than our hearts can handle. We’ve probably reacted in a number of ways:…

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eternal conscious torment

Eternal Conscious Torment?

One week before my father died of cancer, I received an email from a family friend— we’ll call her G—wanting to know if he had been “saved” yet; the implication being there wasn’t much time left before it would be…

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Me Before You Movie Review

    I went to see Me Before You with every intention of hating it. The criticisms I’ve read about its pro-euthanasia message are valid and worth reading. I haven’t yet read the book, so my opinion is two-dimensional at…

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My Agenda

As a Christian raised Jewish, I have an interest in all things comparative religion; particularly online interfaith communities and blogs. It’s within these spaces that I have felt and still feel safe to parse through many of my questions, concerns,…

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living in the tension of faith

Living in the Tension of Faith

You could say my future conversion to Christianity was set in stone when I had my Bat Mitzvah in a church. At the time, that was my only option—borrowing another religion’s sanctuary to celebrate my entrance into Jewish adulthood because…

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