Author: Jelani Greenidge

watch dogs 2

In the Call for Justice, We Can Be Watch Dogs 2

Playing the open-world hacker game Watch Dogs 2 is an odd experience.   Not that I haven’t enjoyed it. On the contrary, I love, love, love playing this game. It’s my kind of game: an open-world title set in a…

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The Need for Community Can Be a “Rogue One”

So there’s no getting around it. If you haven’t yet seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, bookmark this piece and stop now, because it is FULL OF SPOILERS.   But I’m guessing you’ve already seen it, not just because…

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Black Mirror Shows Us Who We Really Are

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I found a TV show deserving of a new genre description. The show is BBC hit (and recent Netflix transplant) Black Mirror, and I call it exaggerated surreality.    Black…

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Atlanta is Not About You, and That’s Okay

“The dance that you’re doing is dumb… how they do it where you from?” — Missy Elliot, “WTF (Where They From)”     In 2013, Donald Glover left NBC’s beloved cult classic sitcom Community, because after five seasons of playing…

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mr robot

If the Revolution is Televised

How does our thirst for revolution change when we see it on-screen? A journey into the theology of Mr. Robot.   The poet Gil Scott-Heron, an icon of the late ’60s and early ‘70s Black empowerment movement, turned a popular…

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Luke Cage and the Power of Context

At the end of September, Netflix released all thirteen episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage onto the public, and it dropped like a megaton bomb.   So anticipated was Luke Cage that, on the day of its release, streaming host Netflix…

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major crimes

Failure of Imagination is a Major Crime

In this election season, Americans have experienced a heightened sense of tension when discussing social issues. Nowhere is this tension more palpable than in discussions about racism. But even though it’s important that our nation learns to deal with our…

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Deus Ex

Humanity 2.0

The latest Deus Ex video game can help us learn an important lesson about God. But first, an illustration.     The overall story of the Bible seems to be one of humanity in a perpetual conversation with God, a…

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Searching for Grace(land)

In the TV business, titles can be funny things. Sometimes they’re essential, and other times they’re almost inconsequential. A good title can help a show succeed, but a bad title isn’t always enough to kill it.   This is why…

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Suit Yourself

In this fifth season of Suits on USA, it’s become clearer than ever what the show is really about. Its central theme has been hidden in plain sight, right there in the title.   And this, by the way, is…

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