Month: September 2016

major crimes

Failure of Imagination is a Major Crime

In this election season, Americans have experienced a heightened sense of tension when discussing social issues. Nowhere is this tension more palpable than in discussions about racism. But even though it’s important that our nation learns to deal with our…

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the love warrior

The Way of the Warrior: A Review of Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

When Glennon Doyle Melton first announced the release of her memoir, Love Warrior, I was sickly jealous. I read her book description and cringed. This was my story, only what she wrestled with and what she overcame with her husband…

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depression is real

How Can I Help My Boyfriend Understand Depression is Real? | Dear Addie #10

In your very well-written book, I found a lot of the description of your struggles with loneliness and depression very easy for me to relate to, as someone who still struggles with both. Also, your book inspired me to find…

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parenting myself

Parenting Myself

A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to move into a new place, busy with work, and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to find people to help me, and that I probably needed to pack. I’m fairly certain excellent moving…

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not what you think

Assembly Line Salvation

Sir Ken Robinson, an expert on education reform, describes how we are training ourselves to abandon story and creativity. Writing about divergent thinking (the ability to think of multiple possibilities out of the box), he notes a famous study where…

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To the Point of Revelation

This woman walks into a town in Iowa. She meets a pastor-man, old enough to be her father, maybe even her grandfather. The woman is a bit unkempt. She sleeps in a cabin. Bathes in a river. When the pastor-man…

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the day i turned 35

The Day I Turned 35

This morning I woke up and gasped, “Why isn’t the baby crying?” I haven’t woken up to anything other than the sounds of my newborn daughter’s cries in over two months. I hurriedly sat up to peek into her bassinet…

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love letter from a millennial

Love Letter from a Millennial

In elementary school, science lessons taught me to pick up and package our plastics, our papers, our cans, and our glass, so I went out into the world on hot summer days with a trash bag to clean out the…

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Jesus is a Fractal

I recall white card stock on an easel. On the card stock was a thick, black circle with “God’s Love” imprinted in the center in a Stranger Things font. As the pastor’s kid, I was expected to sing loudest of…

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Deus Ex

Humanity 2.0

The latest Deus Ex video game can help us learn an important lesson about God. But first, an illustration.     The overall story of the Bible seems to be one of humanity in a perpetual conversation with God, a…

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