Month: July 2016

air for free

A New Soundtrack for My Life: a Review of Air for Free by Relient K

Last week I wrote about my longstanding relationship with Relient K, the way many of their songs have explained my life so well since my middle school days. On Friday, they dropped a new album, their first since 2013’s Collapsible…

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Off the Page This Week | 7.30.2016

Welcome to Off the Page this Week where you will find images, interesting articles and thoughtful videos from the last week. Images: A historic week Guns in America A Disturbance in the Force 33 Misunderstood Words & Phrases I’ve made a huge…

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you matter

I Believe You and You Matter

Reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized should be second nature to the church. In recent weeks, we’ve seen images in the media of more hurting, marginalized communities than our hearts can handle. We’ve probably reacted in a number of ways:…

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worry and gratitude

Turning Worry into Gratitude

It’s two o’clock on Tuesday, and you’re tired. You’re at work and you want to go home, but once you’re home you’ll have more stress, more responsibility. You look ahead into your life and it seems hard, or boring, or…

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Who You Gonna Call?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a spy or a detective. My idea of what this would look like came from 1980s TV shows, namely Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Remington Steele. Amanda King was a spy…

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grief in abundance

Grief in a Time of Abundance

My daughter skipped between graves etched with dates from the mid-1800s and we followed, my mom and I, trying to decipher weathered letters on bleached limestone. Some of those buried were old when they died, but many were young—so young…

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Grace Greenleaf Represents Me

Last week I caught up with a friend for dinner. We talk about life, jobs, relationships, politics, pop culture and anything else that may come to mind in 2 hours. At one point during the conversation she asked me if…

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What’s the Point of Church? | Dear Addie #8

Dear Addie,   Maybe it’s the skeptic in me, but why does community have to be found in churches as we know them? Can’t they, or shouldn’t they, be found in any group of believers? What makes Sunday morning church…

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naming lambs

Naming the Lambs

Once upon a time, I lived on a “sort of” farm. My family didn’t grow much more than a backyard garden, a few blackberry bushes, and a row of pear trees that bore fruit so grumpy and tart it was…

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infinite and finite mingle

Where the Finite and Infinite Mingle

Have you ever spoken to artists and, after some time in discussion, thought they were slightly off their rocker? Sometimes they employ strange imagery when expressing their ideas. They “give birth to creations” or find themselves “surprised” at the lives…

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