Month: June 2016


Drishti Prayer

March 15 I was running on the treadmill, my legs struggling to keep up with the fast moving belt, when I looked up and saw a plane through the window. My eyes tracked the thumb-sized aircraft as it climbed slowly…

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cover artists

Recovering from Legalism | Dear Addie #7

Dear Addie,   How do you recover from a legalistic background? Some verses are still difficult for me to come across without cringing or being hurt. I already know most of the verses have different meanings than what I was…

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eternal conscious torment

Eternal Conscious Torment?

One week before my father died of cancer, I received an email from a family friend— we’ll call her G—wanting to know if he had been “saved” yet; the implication being there wasn’t much time left before it would be…

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Artist Interview: Joshua Noom | Live Off the Page

First 50 visitors will receive a FREE “Live Off the Page” T-Shirt while supplies last! See link at the bottom of this interview. Interview Q & A: Illustrator Joshua Noom crafted a great piece of art that our team wanted…

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shame christianity and got

Shame, Christianity, and Game of Thrones

“More guts, more gore, increase the pain and triple the terrible torture!!” a ruffian of a boy cries as the crowd chants in drawling drones, “I love blood sport, I love blood sport.”   If something inside you wiggled uncomfortably…

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Off the Page this Week 6.24.16

Welcome to Off the Page This Week where you will find images, interesting articles and thoughtful videos from the last week.   Images: No More Silence. What happens when we destroy one another. Deathtrooper with a Stormtrooper doll. See below for full…

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swept away no longer

Swept Away No Longer

The most radical dehumanization of all is to keep living normally in this world etsi pauperes non darentur—as if the poor did not exist. —Jon Sobrino, quoted in The People’s Bible   What is it like where you live? Are…

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identity crisis

Identity Crisis

I stood in the embrace of my husband in our bedroom. As the man who had committed to loving me almost a decade ago secured me in his arms and rubbed my back, it was as if a storm of…

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The Ministry of Cleaning Up

Like many people, my husband and I have our favorite television shows. One of these has been The Good Wife, a series that recently aired its final episode. Great writing, strong characters, and a peek inside law firm culture made…

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Finding Dory and the Power of Remembering

I spend a lot of time discussing and writing about films with special attention paid to their anthropological and theological themes. But I’ll be the first to admit that Christians are often guilty of hijacking popular films or other works…

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