Month: May 2016


My Agenda

As a Christian raised Jewish, I have an interest in all things comparative religion; particularly online interfaith communities and blogs. It’s within these spaces that I have felt and still feel safe to parse through many of my questions, concerns,…

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cabin in the woods

Entertaining Jesus

Do you slip into an ideal locale in an imaginary world from time to time? Not just when things are going bad, but when you want to take a moment and get another perspective on life? If you do, we…

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art and creation

Art & the Act of Creating

The afternoon is spent with friends, but before I go to bed, I sit down with an old book and skim through pages until a few words jump out at me. I tear the page out, not so carefully because…

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Real or Not Real | Dear Addie #6

Dear Addie, I’m a 22-year-old recent college grad, and within the last year and a half I have spiraled into an anxiety-ridden battle with the evangelical church and my faith. When I was in high school I maintained my “Christian…

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in vain

In Vain

I’m lying in the ditch, bleeding. My son has died. I can’t move, can’t climb. I will never be the same. I will never be the same.   I hear you above me on the high road. You stop. Oh…

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downward facing god

Downward Facing God

At the beginning of every yoga class, I close my eyes for the first time. Most often, the day has been busy and this is the first time I haven’t been in motion since I woke up. With my eyes…

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risking agnosticism

Risking Agnosticism

For most of my life, I begged God to take away my doubts about Christianity. The more I begged, the more I experienced silence, abandonment, and finally, nothingness. I felt the nonexistence of God.   I self-diagnosed myself with agnosticism…

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outgrowing the old stories

Outgrowing the Old Stories

In my early twenties, I took part in the first of many young women’s Bible studies. It was an in-depth study of David, and it was transformational. For one thing, I found an author who loved digging into the Bible…

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dear pastor what is authenticity

Dear Pastor, What Is Authenticity?

 A Letter from an Inquiring Introvert.   Dear Pastor,   I suppose I should have set up an appointment to talk to you after church or talk with you on the phone. I have even heard some of my friends…

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I’ve been reading a book, Molly Fox’s Birthday. It’s about two women who are friends and who swap houses for a few days. One woman is an actor, the other a playwright. They have a mutual friend named Andrew. In…

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